Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Academics Jobs in the School of Tourism @ BU

Bournemouth University is seeking candidates for a number of posts in Events, Leisure, Sport, Tourism, Hospitality and Retail. The deadline for applications is the 20th of June. See links below to the posts available: Please note that although they are advertised as management, applications from ANY disciplines are welcome

We are looking for a number of L/SLs in Events Management from areas such as Creativity & Design, New Media, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Marketing, Planning & Operations and Policy. Please feel free to contact Caroline Jackson, Associate Dean for Events & Leisure ( for further information.

These posts offer the opportunity to work in a friendly and dynamic environment, based in an unrivalled location. Famous for its 12 kilometres of sandy beaches, 2,000 acres of beautiful parks and gardens and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Bournemouth blends a traditional British resort with the characteristics of a busy and thriving town. It has some of the best beaches in the UK and has won numerous prestigious awards including the European Blue Flag Awards.

Professor in Events, Leisure or Sport

Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Events Management

Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Hospitality Management

Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Retail Management

Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Sport Management

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management
For all academic jobs vacancies @ BU, go to:
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Celebrating PhD research @ the School of Tourism

Today 18 of the School of Tourism's PhD students presented their PhD research to the BU community in the form of PhD Interactive Poster Presentations. Each PhD student had to prepare a poster, which was then displayed in the room. Each student presented their research in about 8 minutes, after which there was time for questions. Presentations were scheduled based on who the first supervisor is. The event started with Dimitrios Buhalis students, and surprise surprise, most of the research focuses around technology. I co-supervise three of the five students (Ivana, Nicolas and John):
  • Zornitza  YOVCHEVA - Information system design of Smartphone augmented reality for tourism
  • Ivana  RIHOVA - Consumers as producers: customer-to-customer co-creation in the context of festival experiences
  • Nicolas  GREGORI Y RIBES - Technology and social media enabled service development and design
  • Barbara  NEUHOFER - Technology enhanced tourist experience 
  • John FOTIS - The impact of social media on consumer behaviour; focus on holiday travel
A great set of presentations, showing the cutting edge work undertaken by PhD students in the area of experience and technology in tourism. 

The next group involved Alan Fyall's and Lorraine Brown's students:
  • Gayathri KANAGASAPATHY - The heritage experience, a visitor perspective: a comparative study of heritage destinations in Malaysia
  • Gde Indra  BHASKARA - The local community as a stakeholder group and its participation in UNESCO’s World Heritage Nomination process: Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia
  • Emma KAVANAGH - A narrative enquiry into the experience of maltreatment in high performance sport
  • Sean BEER -  Human perceptions of the authenticity of food 
Another great set of presentations, raising interesting discussions about the notion of 'maltreatment' and 'authenticity', and the challenges that emerge from researching such subjective concepts.

The 4 students presenting their PhD research in the last session before lunch were supervised by Janet Dickinson and Adam Blake.
  • Andrew HARES - Tourist understanding of and engagement with the climate change impacts of holiday
  • Julia HIBBERT - Tourism travel and identity
  • Jan HUTCHINGS - ‘In the Swim‘ – an ethnography on Masters swimming
  • Stephen CALVER - The influence of mass media on countryside leisure visit behaviour compared
After lunch, there was a fourth and final session, where students supervised by Barry Richards, Heather Hartwell, Ian Jones and Roger Vaughan presented their PhD research. Amanda is also one of my PhD students. I could not stay due to having my Consumer Experience & Behaviour exam in the afternoon.
  • Gregory KAPUSCINSKI - Tourism, terrorism, political instability and the media
  • Joanna HAWKES - ‘My Bones Won’t Break Me’: an auto-ethnographical exploration of premenopausal osteoporosis in a physically active female‘
  • Pamela WATSON - Grab Your Fork’: a netnography of a foodie blog and its community
  • Stacy WALL - Synergies in public health and tourism; an organisational ethnography
  • Amanda WILDING - The diffusion and adoption of sport psychology by track and field coaches
All in all a great opportunity to show to the BU community (and the world via this blog) the excellent PhD research undertaken at the School of Tourism.

[pictures courtesy of Soultana Symeonidou]

Thursday, 3 May 2012

LIT&TOUR - International Conference on Literature and Tourism


International Conference on Literature and Tourism

University of Lisbon
26 November 2012
Call deadline: June 14th  2012
The Lit&Tour: International Conference on Literature and Tourism will be hosted by the Centre for Comparative Studies of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, in collaboration with the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism of the University of the Algarve. The theme of the Conference is the relationship between literature and tourism. The Conference will focus on the various forms and approaches of this relationship. 
The last three decades have been fruitful in studies and publications on travel literature. The relationship between literature and tourism has not, however, been the target of an intensive and systematic study.   
Although in Portugal literary itineraries and other forms of connection between literature and tourism are scarce, there are many and varied initiatives in this field in other countries. The fact that these have significantly multiplied over the latest years illustrates the growing interest in this type of tourism.  Besides, the recent establishment by UNESCO of a list of "Cities of Literature" is also relevant and an expression of this growing interest.
The way a place is mentioned and described in a literary text can be of great relevance for the construction of its image, a kind of reading protocol. This is relevant given that the image/memory of the place is central to the process of its transformation into a tourist product. The tourist place/destination cannot be experienced by the consumer before its purchase, therefore it is a product which value depends entirely on the imaginary, on the memories evoked by others on their descriptions, on the way they describe the experiences and emotions offered by a destination or lived in it. The descriptions presented by authors for centuries, the way they describe their own experiences or the experiences of their characters, create a memory of the place that can be used in the process of converting it into a tourist product.
The conference will include plenary sessions, designed to invited guest speakers, followed by submitted paper parallel sessions. 
Keynote speakers:
Professor Harald Hendrix (Utrecht University)
Professor Helena Carvalhão Buescu (Lisbon University)

Presentations on, but not limited to, the following subjects are encouraged:
  • Representations of tourism in literature (different types of tourism destinations represented and associated heritage);
  • Representations of the tourist and of tourist experiences in the literature (writer tourist / reader tourist/ cultural tourist);                                                                        
  • Literary tourism.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long.
Please submit abstracts of 250-500 words, in a Microsoft Word file, no later than June 14th, 2012, to the following e-mail address lit&  Please mention any technology needed for your presentation.
Abstracts and Presentations may be in Portuguese or in English.
Together with the abstract, a short bio note (1500 character limit) should be sent.

Notification of acceptance: 31st July 2012

Full articles should be submitted by January 2013 to allow for review, revision, and publication. Author guidelines are available at:

Conference  fees:
With presentation: until September the 10th -  60 Euros. Late registrations - 100 Euros.
Without presentation: until September the 10th -  30 Euros. Late registrations -  50 Euros.
Free admission for those who do not wish to receive the information and support pack, FLUL PhD students, and ESGHT Master Students.
Registration will only be valid after the payment of the conference fee.

Scientific Advisory Board:
§  Ana Filipa Prata (FLUL)
§  Cláudia Henriques (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Isabel Dâmaso Santos (FLUL)
§  Isilda Leitão (ESHTE)
§  José Figueiredo Santos (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Raquel Baltazar (FLUL)
§  Rita Baleiro (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Sílvia Quinteiro (ESGHT – UAlg/ CEC)

Organizing committee:
§  Ana Filipa Prata (FLUL)
§  Cláudia Henriques (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Isabel Dâmaso Santos (FLUL)
§  Isilda Leitão (ESHTE)
§  José Figueiredo Santos (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Raquel Baltazar (FLUL)
§  Rita Baleiro (ESGHT – UAlg)
§  Sílvia Quinteiro (ESGHT – UAlg/ CEC)

Lit&Tour: International Conference on Literature and Tourism
Centro de Estudos Comparatistas
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa

Telephone: (351) 21 792 00 85
Fax: (351) 21 796 00 63
E-Mail: lit&  Este endereço de email está protegido contra spam bots, pelo que o Javascript terá de estar activado para poder visualizar o endereço de email