Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New PhD supervision success - Dr John Fotis

Today Dr John Fotis was awarded his PhD subject to minor amendments. John's PhD focused on exploring the impact of social media on consumer behaviour in the context of holiday travel. The thesis was supervised by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis and Professor Alan Fyall (now at the University of Central Florida) and myself.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Expressions of Interest - Marie Curie Fellowships

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships 2015 will open for applications on the 12th March.
The scheme, funded by the European Union, involves a Researcher, potentially from anywhere in the world, coming to Bournemouth University for 1 or 2 years to work with me on a research project of common interest. There is funding for salary and other costs (the exact amount will be known on the 12th March). For more information about last year’s call, visit this website.
What areas am I interested in?
My research interests are diverse, but revolve around consumer experience & behaviour applied to the marketing of events. I am particularly interested in events marketing, that is, research that focuses on using events for marketing purposes. It does not need to be commercial marketing, as social marketing also frequently uses events for attitudinal and behavioural change. For example, using events to change harmful behaviours (e.g. unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles). In events marketing the focus is not on the event itself, but on how the event can lead to certain social or commercial outcomes. To illustrate what such research could look like, consider the following examples:

  • Using events to promote European products globally. For example, using blogger events to promote European wine in growing non-EU wine markets.
  • Using events to promote the consumption of local European food products across the EU. For example, how local food events can make European tourists regular consumers of local foods they experience during their holidays.
  • Using events to enhance the quality of life of European citizens. For example:
    • Using events to enhance the quality of life of the Elderly within the European Union
    • Using events to enhance the wellness and wellbeing of individuals with serious illnesses

These are just some ideas. As you can see, the idea must have relevance to the social or economic agenda and priorities of the European Union. Therefore, you are encouraged to read about these by looking at EU policy documents in the http://europa.eu/ website.
Initially, you will lead the writing of the proposal with my support. Once a reasonable draft is completed, the proposal will be improved with the help of other BU academics and a dedicated consultant working for BU. We have great support at BU to help writing the proposal, but this requires time which means that an earlier rather than a later start is desirable.
If you are interested and have a doctorate (or will have before the end of August), send me an email with your initial idea (one or a few paragraphs only) and why you would be a suitable fellow, and we will go from there.
Feel free to tell anyone you think could be interested about this expression of interest. Thanks.