Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mutation version 4.0: "Centre for Regeneration and Development", aka (Ray) HOLDEN PUBLISHING & RESEARCH

I have first written about (Ray) Holder Publishing and Research back in January 2012, with an update in March 2012. Since then I have been reporting on their mutations/re-branding activities, notably when it became known as PAS Traning and Research in November 2012 and more recently Place and Space Research. Today I received an email alerting me to another mutation: Version 4.0.

The name of the ‘venture’ is now called “Centre for Regeneration and Development”. The company they purport to be running these events is Hoxton Development Services (no website, just a twitter account). They appear to be using twitter (three accounts: 1, 2 and 3) as the primary means of promoting their ‘business’. But they have also updated their website to incorporate the new brand name. Interestingly, the layout and presentation of the website are exactly the same as the in the previous name (rather ugly and amateurish). They could not even bother to change the internet domain, which is (IJNR – International Journal of Neighbourhood Renewal). In a (desperate?) attempt to enhance the credibility of the initiative, they have now come up with a new Journal name: Journal of Rural Renewal. First it was about renewing ‘cities’, not they are ‘concerned’ with renewing the ‘countryside’.

Below I am transcribing the email they are sending to potential targets.



From: Hoxton Development Services [] 
Sent: xx October 2013
To: Hoxton Development Services
Subject: Rural Works Conference Dublin 21st May 2014

On the 21st May 2014 Hoxton Development Services is staging a one day conference called ‘Rural Works’ at the University College Dublin, which will focus on the range of issues that face the future development of rural towns and communities. 120 delegates are expected at the event, together with up to 20 speakers and 20 exhibitors.  This will a great opportunity to listen to a range of key speakers on Rural Development and also learn and share good practice.

We will also be launching an new exciting Journal at the Conference called the ‘Journal of Rural Renewal’ which will become a focus for the development and promotion of good practice and research in rural development.  All proceedings of the day will feature in the Journal. 

Details of the Conference and Journal can be found on the Twitter Feeds  and

The cost to attend as a delegate for the day is Euro 250 but until 1st March we are currently offering a free place for every one booked and hope that you will take up this offer.   The cost to have a display stand at the event is Euro 500.  All who participate at the event will receive a free Annual E-subscription to the Journal of Rural Renewal.  There are also some speaker slots available.  There are also 20 spaces available for students at a reduced rate of Euro 60. 

If you wish to attend as a delegate, a speaker, take a display space or submit a paper to the Conference and Journal please email here

Currently speakers are confirmed from University Research Departments, Local Development Companies and Local Energy Agencies. 

We look forward to seeing you at ‘Rural Works’ in May.

Hoxton Development Services
90 Paul Street LONDON EC2A 4NE